June 2016

Why You Should Use Mineral Makeup

Your hair is possibly one of the most versatile parts of your body. Unless you expose it to a lot (and we mean a lot) of very high heat, it is likely to keep growing back, giving you a great canvas with which to work with. Your styling options are endless today, and even schools and work places are more flexible on what your hair must look like, allowing you to use it as a means of expressing yourself. Here are some suggestions for taking care of your hair.

Treat it well

Unless you just leave your hair alone, it is likely that you expose it to styling tools that involve heat, styling products like hair spray and mousse and that you constantly tie or use bobby pins in your hair. Occasionally, it might be a good idea to just let your hair loose. Shower and let it air dry and then stay away from products or too much styling – rock a natural bed head look! It will give your hair a much needed break. At the same time, get your treated every once in a while. Get an oil massage or do a home hair mask. Yet another option is to look at keratin treatment deals so that you can have your hair looking healthy and shiny.

Ask your local hairdresser if they provide keratin treatment deals as it is always best to get such treatments done from people you trust or that are known for having a great reputation.

Getting it cut

The perfect haircut can change your life. It can give you confidence and change your look completely. It does not even have it be the perfect haircut in terms of being what everyone is getting – as long as you are happy with it. For instance try a pixie cut or a blunt bob. You might be surprised at how much you like this new change. Also, get frequent trims. They will keep your hair healthy, limit split ends and promote growth.

Styling options

While a hair iron is a great tool for getting millions of styles – you can straighten or curl or just smoothen you hair – it is always good to have a few styles that do not require heat. You can try sock curls for great bouncy curls that gradually turn into beachy waves instead of using a curling iron. Braids are also a great styling option. There are so many styles to do today and people are constantly finding new ways to style braids as well – give some of those a try and change up your look.

Everyone loves to have an attractive and good looking hand and fingers. A small and uneven nail in every finger does not offer the style and glamour quotient that you want. In earlier times, Chinese men and women considered that a long nail is a sign of wealth for them. Having 2 inch talons those days meant that you are not a common man. But, these days everyone wants to have long and attractive looking talons on their hands. But, not many are able to grow talons that are long and attractive. Sometimes, it just is so brittle that it breaks off. Well, there are many artificial talons you can use these days to show off your personal style without breaking your bank. 

Looks natural

Acrylic nails have come a long way and now look very close to the natural ones. It would cost you a fortune to grow natural ones and to get it manicured in beauty parlors every 2 weeks. With these, you do not need to spend time taking care of them as you need to just pop them on your fingers whenever you need them. If nail biting is a tough habit that you are not able to break, then using these artificial ones can help you get rid of the habit. They are very strong and virtually difficult to chew. This is one of the reasons why many women use them regularly on their fingers.


Even though the acrylic nails are artificial ones, they too need certain care in order to make your hands look sexy and attractive.

• You should not expose them under water for longer periods of time.

• The water can seep in between the fixed artificial and natural nail and even cause an infection.

• Apart from this, wearers can carry on with their usual routines without needing to worry about them.

• It is recommended that you wear rubber gloves when washing dishes in order to protect them from damages.

Coloring and designs

You can check out the French manicure to get the regular and the best colors that you can use on artificial talons. There are plenty of designs and coloring techniques you can find online. You should choose colors and designs that will perfectly complement your outfit. There are nail art kits on offer in the markets that you can buy to make attractive designs.

Visit parlors

You can visit parlors to get unique and attractive looking designs for your nail. The technicians can also do nail piercing to attach a small piece of jewelry to your artificial nail. It is virtually impossible to pierce a natural nail, but can be easily done on artificial ones. You should only get these types of things done from reputed and experienced parlors.

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